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Awsome Partners presents the Awsome Partners Journey Assessment (APJA), the first step with Awsome Partners - assessing your initial ALIGNMENT with AWS as an AWS Partner.



These services cater to both newcomers to the AWS partner ecosystem and established AWS partners seeking a fresh approach to success, diverging from their current paths. All work is done by experienced Master Certified Cloud Alliance Directors (CAD)s 


Starting Program for Success

During this 60-day engagement, APG will diligently analyze your product and its compatibility within the AWS ecosystem. We'll engage with internal stakeholders and your AWS team to identify four out of ten key end goals proven to elevate partners to the next level with AWS. These end goals serve as foundational pillars for your future endeavors with AWS over the upcoming quarters. Without them, attaining a strategic partnership will be considerably more challenging. We encourage you to arrange a meeting with us to discuss these ten end goals in detail.


Second Stage for Success

In this 90 day engagement APG takes the engagement to the next level by creating a co-build, co-market, and co-sell motion between your companies product and AWS. APC will help create a new way of packaging your product to be super relevant to AWS, while being easy to market to their customers. This engagement includes a training for your sales staff on AWS, and an introduction to AWS internal operations teams that can help with next steps of your newly repackaged product.


For Specific Single Outcomes

Whether you're aiming for one of the forty-four AWS Partner competencies or seeking guidance to attain premier partnership status, count on us to support you every step of the way. At APG, our experienced CADs have successfully navigated these processes numerous times. We're committed to helping you achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you.


This product is based on billable hours. This is where APG provides our expertise for a time period and can fill in the gaps for a VP of Channel that needs an AWS expert on speed dial, or a start up company that needs an affordable top notch Master Certified CAD

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Most Requested Service

To accelerate and amplify existing AWS Alliance
Or create and align new AWS Alliance

Cloud Alliance Directors (CADs) serve as the primary indicator of success for an AWS partner. Their role encompasses various responsibilities crucial for enhancing the reputation of an AWS partner. The primary objective of a CAD is to establish trust with AWS for your product swiftly. However, achieving this goal is no small feat and often entails navigating through processes unsuited for your product type.

Our team comprises 14 Cloud Alliance Directors who fulfill the FRACCAD roles for our clients. Each of them holds certification as Master CADs and boasts extensive experience in collaborating with AWS as alliance professionals. They offer comprehensive assistance tailored to your specific needs, including those you might not have initially recognized. Don't hesitate to initiate a conversation with us today to explore how we can support your endeavors.


These services are one offs that allow us to come in and do a set of work with specific outcomes. They are all designed to help you be the best be the best version you can be when it comes to being an AWS partner.

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Motivational Speaker


Build this into your budget ASAP

Cloud marketing presents a unique challenge. It's essential to recognize that in this sphere, AWS isn't just a part of your marketing landscape – you're operating within theirs. Traditional channels can easily get lost amidst the multitude of others vying for attention. Certain boundaries should never be crossed.
Recent times have seen AWS tightening its marketing regulations, leading to significant repercussions for marketing departments everywhere. Our offer is simple: engage with us for a comprehensive assessment and strategy development over two weeks. Subsequently, incorporate us into your marketing decisions, and we'll ensure alignment with the AWS marketing framework. Having the right advisor means never having to apologize.

One of a kind adventure

Public speaking, particularly addressing AWS audiences, is a nuanced skill governed by specific principles. Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to master the art of delivering speeches across various AWS scenarios. Whether presenting to a select group of ten AWS senior executives or captivating a crowd of 3000 AWS customers at a summit, our team offers an exclusive learning experience. Led by our nationally acclaimed speaker coach and CADy Shack experts, this full-day program equips your team with comprehensive speaking solutions. We cover essential topics such as speaking techniques, effective preparation strategies, overcoming stage fright, energizing a room, utilizing vocal inflections, crafting impactful messages for AWS and its clientele, and crucially, what to avoid saying. This immersive class takes place in the picturesque downtown of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, conveniently accessible via quick flights from Seattle.

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Everybody needs some help with events every once in a while

Whether you require assistance in conceptualizing a unique idea for an event, organizing the event logistics and securing vendors, or prefer a comprehensive white-glove service, our highly capable team is here to support you every step of the way. With our renowned experts in out-of-the-box event planning and a knowledgeable team, we're dedicated to crafting a truly unforgettable event tailored to your exact specifications.

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