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These products are based more on time than outcomes. This is where APC provides our expertise for a time period.

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The European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), and numerous Middle Eastern nations approach AWS differently. Employing a strategic Cloud Alliance Director (CAD) with in-depth knowledge of the field and prior experience at AWS overseeing these regions can be a crucial step in establishing the trust required to become a strategic partner in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. Whether you're looking to expand your EMEA business or seek strong representation in the area, our team can be the ideal choice for revitalizing or initiating your partnership with AWS.


These services are one offs that allow us to come in and do a set of work with specific outcomes. They are all designed to help you be the best version you can be with your AWS partnership.

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In this 60 day engagement APC will methodically work to understand your product and its fit in the AWS eco system. We will talk with customers and AWS team members alike, and create a super power statement that will make you more relevant to AWS sales. This superpower statement will help check off MBO's that affects AWS sales teams success. This also brings a recommendation to which division you will work best in with AWS, and how to get close to them. APC will include a training hour to your team about AWS sales, and an introduction to a District Manager from AWS to understand how to sell better to that team.

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In this 90 day engagement APC takes the engagement to the next level by creating a co-build, co-market, and co-sell motion between your companies product and AWS. APC will help create a new way of packaging your product to be super relevant to AWS, while being easy to market to their customers. This engagement includes a training for your sales staff on AWS, and an introduction to AWS internal operations teams that can help with next steps of your newly repackaged product.

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Whether you are evaluating vendors for your cost optimization for your AWS spend, Marketplace insertion, or bi- directional translation layer between your CRM and ACE we can help. We know all the players and over 30 days can offer you recommendations after learning how your business operates and what is best for your company.

These services are one offs that allow us to come in and do a set of work with specific outcomes. They are all designed to help you be the best be the best version you can be when it comes to being an AWS partner.

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This 30 day engagement will have AWSome Partners meet with the department heads of your company. We will do a deep dive into your current employee assets in technology, sales, marketing, management, HR, and operations. We will create a list of human assets that should be on a team, and once approved will create a CCoE team. This group will be charged with helping the company to get all departments rowing in the same direction and will be the keepers of the tribal knowledge and direction for your cloud journey.

Easy to institute into all projects

This is a project by project program with one (1) hour a week for four (4) week engagement. It will only be for a single project with a limited scope that pertains to AWS partner programs. This can be bought in bulk or project by project. This is a great way to have a third party have eyes on feasibility of projects before they happen, during the roll out, or as an after action report for ROI.

The most fun

Events are hard to create, execute, and then get ROI from. APC is uniquely able to pull one off events together. Your company can hire us to come up with the event, target the right audience, execute the event, help you with the MDF dollars to pay for half the event, and then create an after action strategy to maximize on the event. It will be incredible.

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