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Awsome Partners was created as a separately-owned-but-fed-by CADy Shack, the largest AWS Alliance community, company for purposes of getting the membership to have a more targeted and curated journey through the AWS partner ecosystem. The founders and consultants of AP have over 100 combined years experience working with the AWS partner ecosystem. The consultants that call AP home are some of the best in the business.




Barlas Yuce has had an extensive career in technology partnerships, starting at Forrester Research and culminating at AWS. He has worked in various locations, including Texas, Toronto, New York City, and Europe.

Beginning his cloud career as an ISV cloud partner in 2016, Barlas started working with the AWS partner ecosystem in the North East territory, primarily in LGA3 in Manhattan. He was eventually recruited by AWS and served as a Partner Manager on the East Coast, managing 144,000 active accounts, half a million greenfield accounts, and a rotating list of 100 partners eligible to work with AWS.

During his time as a Partner Manager, Barlas spoke with six AWS partner CEOs, CROs, or CTOs every day, explaining the best way to create a successful go-to-market strategy with AWS sales teams. While at AWS, he created Operation Miracle Grow (now VADA), developed numerous processes to streamline partner integration, and conducted interviews with many of the partner team members still present today.

After two and a half years, Barlas left AWS and co-founded the online community CADy Shack with Brett Fountain in 2021, which quickly grew to include 520 partners across 16 countries. Two years into the journey, the community expanded to offer consulting services for specific partners, leading to the creation of Awsome Partners. Awsome Partners is growing rapidly, and Barlas is pleased to be helping AWS partners become strategic faster.


418 E Lakeside Ave #205, CDA, ID 83815


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