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Maryam Lahiji is the Director of Partner Marketing at Orca Security, the pioneer in agentless cloud security. With over a decade of experience in partnerships, Maryam possesses a unique skillset specializing in crafting impactful marketing strategies and nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships across many types of partners including Hyperscalers, Channel and Technology Alliances. Maryam's dedication to innovation, rapid adaptability, and driving progress has been the cornerstone of her success in the dynamic world of tech startups. She expertly navigates the complexities of external partnerships while fostering seamless internal collaboration. Maryam's collaborative spirit, leadership, empathy, and ability to inspire extend far beyond her professional achievements, earning her the respect of colleagues and industry peers. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and mastery of strategic partnerships are a testament to her driving force in the industry.

Mariam Lahiji: Clients
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